We’ve all heard of “having a good day,” but not many can say they’ve had a “Good Day Farm” day! If you’ve no idea what this means, don’t worry, we didn’t either ’til we stumbled upon Good Day Farm Dispensary. The drugstore that’s spicing up days across Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Louisiana!

A Dispensary with Personality

Imagine searching for ‘Dispensaries in Arkansas’ online and stumbling upon this farm-themed oasis of medicinal cannabis! Their products are born from the rich soils of the Mississippi Delta, juggled by jugglers in Missouri, and then dispatched by cowboys in Louisiana. We’re kidding about the jugglers and cowboys, but it’s hard not to imagine with a name like Good Day Farm.

Spreading Good Vibes Far and Wide

What’s not far from the truth however, is their commitment to alleviating everyday stress. Good Day Farm makes it their mission for their dispensaries to deliver good times – hand in hand with their quality cannabis. They say laughter is the best medicine, but folks at Good Day Farm believe a little bit of cannabis from their dispensary will keep even the worst of your days at bay!

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