At Valley Wellness, we are your go-to resource for all things pertaining to medical marijuana and recreational cannabis in Raritan, NJ, Somerville, NJ, Morristown, NJ, Hillsborough, NJ, Manville, NJ & Bridgewater, NJ. Our care and quality run deep, and as such, we are committed to providing our customers, both new and experienced, with optimal tips and tricks to navigate our cannabis store effectively.

1. Understanding Different Cannabis Types

Understanding the type of cannabis that is most beneficial to you is essential. Our Medical Marijuana Shop offers diverse cannabis types including, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids which serve different purposes. Indica strains are primarily for relaxation, Sativa serves to keep the mind active while hybrids are a shrewd combination of the two.

Educating yourself about the varying levels of THC and CBD in different products is also crucial. THC is a psychoactive component that delivers the high feeling, while CBD doesn’t get people high and is used more for its medicinal properties. Products are available with differing ratios of these two key components.

2. Shopping Experience in our Marijuana Dispensary

Our Marijuana Dispensary ensures an unparalleled shopping experience. Valley Wellness has knowledgeable advisers on site who can guide you though different strains, products, and methods of consumption, to cogently fit your lifestyle.

For customers who prioritize discretion, we cater to this too. You can privately consult with our staff or do your browsing online before you make a purchase. We have made this possible and much easier with our Cannabis curbside pickup.

3. Maximizing our Cannabis Curbside pickup

Our Cannabis Curbside pickup caters to customers that value convenience and safety. Shop online from the comfort of your home and have your cannabis products readily available for pick-up at our storefront at a dedicated time.

The Cannabis Curbside Pickup ensures social distancing and eliminates unnecessary wait times – it’s quick, efficient and contact-free. We recommend checking our website for updates on product availability and curbside pick-up times.

4. Exploring our Recreational Cannabis Shop

Our Recreational Cannabis Shop is a haven for those seeking to explore. We offer diverse strains and edibles for every type of consumer. From tinctures, vapes, pre-rolls to gourmet edibles and topical creams, the possibilities for experimentation are endless.

We encourage safe usage and recommend starting with small doses, gradually increasing over time for the unaccustomed. Remember to check the THC/CBD ratio on recreational products and feel free to ask our staff any questions – we’re here to help guide your cannabis journey.

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