Join us as we explore the uniquely captivating neighborhood of Albuquerque Eubank/Central. This region of the city forms a delightful blend of historical roots and modern pleasure; all moments away from Pecos Valley Production.

Get started with a stroll down the corridors of time in the iconic Old Town, founded in 1706. The cobbled streets lined with old-time Pueblo-Spanish buildings and historical landmarks serve as a reminder of Albuquerque’s rich past.

Next, visit the Albuquerque Museum for an insightful tour of the city’s heritage and artistic journey. If you’re a naturist, the city welcomes you with two of the finest open spaces – The Rio Grande Valley State Park and Elena Gallegos Open space. Here, you can soak up the tranquility of nature while indulging in activities like bird-watching, picnics and hiking.

For the thrill-seekers, a ride in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a must during their annual event. Held every October, the skies are painted with hundreds of hot air balloons, producing an unmissable spectacle. This event gives you a surreal perspective of Albuquerque’s breathtaking landscape.

Art aficionados can lose themselves in the multitude of galleries featuring works from local and national artists. One such place is the Tamarind Institute, renowned for preserving the Lithographic arts.

Finally, your trip won’t be complete without experiencing Albuquerque’s delectable culinary scene. Whether savouring traditional New Mexican cuisine or exploring innovative fusions, the neighborhood has it all.

To make your journey through Albuquerque Eubank/Central more enjoyable, Pecos Valley Production is proud to enhance your experience with its range of services. However, we do recommend to fully understand your needs and expectations and kindly ask you to consult with our professionals. Welcome to Albuquerque Eubank/Central, where history meets fun and adventures are around every corner.

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